Boîte courriel


Professional address: ex.

From $3 /month * * Billed annually (CAD)
Use your domain
Or get one with us
5GB of space
≈ 20,000 Emails
SSL Connection + Anti-Spam + Anti-Virus
Access your mailbox in your browser
Unlimited Aliases
Pseudonyms for the main address
Authenticated sendings
Automatic and customizable replies
Free Setup
On you first device (computer or mobile)
Daily backup
Automatic backup of your emails
Technical Support
Remote connection to your device
Site web


Web hosting for your site, blog, e-Commerce,...

From $12 /month * * Billed annually (CAD)
Disk Space
1 GB ≈ 1,000 HD pictures
Alternative Domains
Multiple domains for the same website
Unlimited Visits
Bandwidth and traffic unlimited
FTP Access
Upload and edit your files by yourself
Dynamic Content
Edit content by yourself and store data
SSL Security
Secured connections and transactions
Daily Backup
Backup of your files and data
Technical Support
Human help and answers to your questions


Securely store and share your professional and personal data.

From $4 /month * * Billed annually (CAD)
25GB of space
Expandable on demand
File History
Get back to previous file versions
Calendar and Tasks
Synchronize and publish your activities
Contact Manager
Synchronize your contacts on your devices
Trash and Restore
Restore your data from the trash bin
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Included Services


  • Automatic security updates
  • Daily backup on remote servers
  • Recovery of your data on request
  • 24/7 emergency response

Technical Support

  • Remote connection to your devices
  • Your questions answered in English
  • Without technical jargon or opacity
  • Human to human relationship


  • Data stored exclusively in Canada
  • CLOUD ACT proof
  • 100% Free and Open-Source Technology
  • Internally managed infrastructure


  • Manage your data from any device
  • Mobile and desktop applications for Cumuleo
  • Real-time synchronized data